Custom Patinas

Erin is a Master Patina Artist with over 20 years of experience in her field.  She has a exacting eye for detail and brings a deep knowledge of color theory, chemical formulations and brush techniques. She can create the rich look of classic patinas and delights in challenges where she can recreate surfaces like marble, granite, weathered leather, cloth or concrete.  



Welding & Metal Chasing

The Fyrebringer team offers extremely high caliber metal chasing and welding as a service for their client base. Textures can be matched precisely and evidence of repair work can be virtually erased. 



Maintenance & Repair

Erin and her team are often engaged to bring public and private art objects and architectural features back to their original luster. The team has deep contacts within the metal fabrication industry and regularly oversee the multi-disciplinary repair of metal objects that require new molds, metal chasing, and fabrication. 

Regular Maintenance Contracts

Call our offices for an informal evaluation. Once we understand your specific needs, which may involve an onsite visit, we will develop a regular maintenance plan designed to protect and maintain the metals within your environment from the elements. Our maintenance contracts are tailored for your specific needs and designed to keep costs down while keeping your environment at an optimal level.  

Offsite Field Work

Fyrebringer offers a scalable team with deep experience in arriving onsite and providing patination services for construction environments that are close to completion or have been completed. The team arrives on site, carefully protects existing surfaces and finished details, and applies patination to metal surfaces that have been installed.